This week our beloved greyhound Blue had to be put to sleep after reaching nearly 14 years. This was a very sad occasion, but we were lucky to have lived with Blue for more than 9 years after adopting him from a greyhound rescue organization.

Greyhounds are calm, loving and loyal companions as well as being amazing athletes. Saying that we “rescued” Blue seems inaccurate to me. He was a valued member of our family who will be missed greatly.

On a chilly day with his buddy Roxie
His last photo

Blue was bred as a racing greyhound; he raced 20 times under the name Deep Dark Blue. Basic information about him given on a greyhound racing website is shown below.

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Recently retired, loving life in northern Minnesota

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy Blue was. It seems wrong to click the “like” button on a post with such a sad topic, doesn’t it? May you and all who loved Blue take it slow and gentle. Your post was a glorious tribute to him.

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  2. My boy Blue. He was such a Love and had a special place in my heart. What a wonderful life and home you and Kelly gave him. He will be sorely missed. 💔

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