Cumulous / Cumulonimbus clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds are tall clouds associated with thunderstorms. Sometimes they form from smaller fluffy cumulous clouds, as seen in this You-Tube video. I believe the picture above shows clouds in the transition from cumulous to cumulonimbus.

Cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds are comprised of ice crystals at high altitudes. They are found anywhere between 13,000 to 66,000 feet above sea level.

Stratocumulus clouds

Stratocumulus clouds are quite common, they occur as clumps of low-level clouds, usually below 6600 feet.

Stratus clouds

Stratus clouds are low-level featureless hazy layers of clouds. They are essentially above-ground fog.

A foggy morning on the lake.

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  1. I remember learning about clouds when I was a kid in school, but very few of the details remained with me. Mark and I have been enjoying incredible vast cloud views from our new vantage point on the third floor landing of our apartment in Waco. From one side of the sky to the other can be completely different, and breathtaking at sunset. I had just mentioned to him the other day that I wished I had paid more attention in school to be able to identify now and…voila!…here it is!


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