The Amanita muscaria mushroom, commonly known as Fly Agaric, is commonly seen in popular culture. It appears as garden sculptures, in video games, in the Disney movie Fantasia, and in Smurf cartoons. We found beautiful specimens of it recently as we hiked through a forest in the north-central Minnesota lake country.

Amanita muscaria mushroom, commonly know as fly agaric

Fly agaric is toxic, but is rarely fatal, and is also mildly hallucinogenic. Its Wikipedia article lists many fascinating details about use of this mushroom throughout history. One interesting item is that eating it can cause dysmetropsia, otherwise known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome. This is a type of hallucination that distorts perceptions of objects, making them seem either larger or smaller than they actually are. Another remarkable suggestion is that the legend of flying reindeer is associated with Finnish shamans under the influence of this mushroom.

Many various mushrooms have appeared here in the fall, they are most prevalent after a rain. Most mushrooms are not as distinctive as Fly Agaric and are not straight-forward to identify. So, I’m not completely certain about the names I’ve assigned to the mushrooms below.

The group of images below show mushrooms found on the forest floor.

Other mushroom were seen growing on wood.

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