Other Roadside Features

Previous posts have focused on the plants along the roadside, but a few other interesting things deserve attention. This post features two of them.

Glacial Till

Alongside our gravel road there is this terrific exposure of the glacial till that covers the entire region. Glacial till is a catch-all term for the sediment left behind as glaciers receded. This sediment is extremely poorly sorted, including everything from boulders to clay. This poor sorting is diagnostic of glacial deposits; sediments deposited by water or wind typically have more uniform particle sizes.

Anybody Home?

Two weeks later, not much change.

Further up the same road some animal has apparently made a home for itself. Online sites are available that provide hints on how to identify the animals responsible for holes like this. Fox and badger seem to be the most likely candidates. The hole is slightly larger than the typical fox hole (20cm), but indistinct paw prints that can be seen in the second picture more resemble examples of fox prints. Yet to be determined…

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