Evenings on the Lake with Loons

The last two days we’ve enjoyed being on the lake in the evenings

The lake was still and slight cloud cover made for dramatic skies

In this image one of the lake’s islands is in the foreground

A family of loons has made the lake their home this summer

Two adult loons are commonly seen (and heard) in the evenings accompanied by a baby. We didn’t get a good picture of the group, but managed to capture a shot of one of the loons singly. I hope to share updates about these loons throughout the summer.

The loon is the state bird of Minnesota, more loons live here than in any other state (except Alaska). According to the Minnesota DNR, in summer we have about 12,000 loons in Minnesota. Our MLS soccer franchise, Minnesota United FC, has the loon as its mascot.

The loon may be best know for its calls that echo across our lakes throughout the season. On the website The Voice of the Loon you can hear the four distinct calls of the loon — the tremolo, wail, yodel and hoot.

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Recently retired, loving life in northern Minnesota

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